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To get the best printing results, you need the right inkjet equipment and supplies. We have everything you need to produce stunning prints for your in-house needs or for your clients.

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Choosing the right inkjet supplies

What kind of media do you need for your application?

There are a lot of options when it comes to inkjet supplies, so you need to understand which type of media will be the best for your desired application. We can help you understand what your options are and which one will work best.

What level of quality do you need?

Whether you're printing high-quality or high-volume work, you need to produce sharp and consistent prints.

In most cases, media quality from European brands is higher and more consistent than cheaper Chinese paper manufacturers. You can likely get a much higher quality result by only spending a little bit more on your inkjet media.

Consider your budget and the cost of reprints.

You need to consider the cost of your inkjet supplies along with the cost of your other consumables and the amount you charge for your prints.

You also need to consider the cost of reprinting if there is a problem with one of your prints. Using high-quality inkjet equipment and supplies will help prevent problems from occurring.

"Tyson and his team are ace! I needed to purchase product we hadn't used before and not only did they deliver extremely fast but the stock was a really good price! Tyson knows his products, is happy to source whatever you need and above all he is quick to get back to you with samples and prices. Great service!"
Angela Sbisa
Sales Director – Tiger Corp

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