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Using high-quality wallcoverings lets you create impactful visual displays for your clients. For the best results, you need the right wallcovering print media.

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Choosing the right wallcovering print media

Where is the wallcovering going to be installed?

The right type of wallcovering for your application will depend on whether the wallcovering will be inside or outside, the kind of environment it will be in, and the amount of time it will need to stay up. Make sure you get wallcovering print media which suit your purpose.

What kind of surface do you need to cover?

Brick, plaster, concrete, glass, and rendered surfaces all require different considerations when it comes to choosing your wallcoverings.

Will you need to move and reuse the wallcoverings?

If you want the option to move and reuse your wallcoverings, then PhotoTex is your best option. This will save you the time and cost associated with reprinting your wallcoverings as well as repairing or repainting walls.

Are you using printed wallpaper which will be installed overlapping?

For overlapping murals or wallpaper, make sure you use opaque wallcovering print media to prevent shadowing. We supply both the PhotoTex OPA and OPAS for opaque wallcovering options.

“We have recently been getting some of our wide format paper stock from Total Image Supplies. The service has been great - prompt, efficient and helpful. Thanks to Tyson and the team from Instant Colour Press.”
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