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We have a wide range of laminating supplies to suit your machines and your business. Using the best supplies will ensure you get the best result when you laminate your prints.

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Choosing the best laminating rolls and film for your business

What is the cost of poor lamination?

If there's a problem with your laminating, then you'll need to start again with a fresh print. Your cost per print and the time needed to reprint something will help you understand the importance of using the correct laminating film to ensure you get a good result every time.

How long does the print need to last?

If your laminated print needs to last a long time or is going to be located outdoors, then you need to use the appropriate laminating film. The type and style of the laminating film will determine how long it will last in various conditions.

What kind of laminating do you need to do?

There is a large variety of laminating film options to suit many different applications. Choosing the right one for your application can be difficult.

Depending on what you want to achieve with your laminating, your options include:

  • Thermal or cold laminating rolls
  • Stronger adhesive for digital prints
  • Polymeric or monomeric laminate to suit self-adhesive vinyl
  • UV resistance for outdoor applications
  • Matt, gloss, sandtex, satin, textured, or anti-graffiti finishes
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