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Get a trimmer that suits your business and your printing

When you invest in high-quality printing equipment, you need the right trimmer to finish the job and get your prints cut to the right size. Choose from the best professional trimmers in the industry.

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Choosing the right trimmer for your business and your prints

What size and thickness do you want to trim up to?

The size of the prints you need to trim is one of the most important factors you need to consider. Your trimmer needs to match the size of your prints and the thickness of the media you use.

We have professional trimmer available in a variety of sizes, capable of different cutting thicknesses. Get in touch with us for advice on the right trimmer for your operation.

How much trimming do you need to do on a regular basis?

Your trimmer needs to keep up with the volume of your operation. If you need to do a lot of trimming, then you will likely need an electric rather than manual trimmer. Tell us a bit about your operation, and we can help you choose the right trimmer for your needs.

Choose a durable and reliable trimmer

You need to choose a reliable trimmer which will continue to provide precision cutting for many years to come. We can help you choose from the best professional trimmers available on the market.

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