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Print and scan quality

Technical printing for engineering and construction requires flawless reproduction of plans and blueprints. Your printer needs to be capable of printing and scanning the level of detail you need.

Print speed

Turnaround time is important for busy offices. Printers for builders and engineers need to be capable of the high speed and volume you need in your business.

Ongoing running costs

You need to consider the ongoing costs of supplies and maintenance when you purchase equipment. Investing more at the outset can save you money in the long run.


Whether you need scanning, network capability, wide format printing, or user friendliness, make sure your printer has all the features you need to get the job done.

Ongoing support

If you run into any technical difficulties, you need to have product support available. We provide ongoing customer support for all our equipment.

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Case study: Underground Cable Systems

The problem:

Underground Cable Systems needed a streamlined printing solution to use in remote offices across various locations in Australia

The solution:

We recommended the Canon iPF780 36” 5 colour large format technical printer. It provides all the features they need, and is capable of keeping up with their workload.

One of the features which was particularly valuable was the networking capability and internal hard drive which allow for faster processing of large files.

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Totally satisfied customers

Andrew Engineering
Austral Interiors
BCA Consulting
Dexion Solutions
Scanning Conversion Services
Scentre Group
"Tyson and the team at Total Image Supplies are my first stop for all things wide format, they deliver good quality stock, quickly and efficiently and at a good price! Tyson knows his products and is always happy to assist with questions about both the media and the machines to help our jobs look amazing."
Simon Morcom
Owner, Snap Melbourne Latrobe Street

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