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Print and scan quality

When you need detail and accuracy, make sure you choose an architecture printer that's capable of producing the results you need.

Print speed

Your architecture printer needs to keep up with the pace of your business. Make sure it's capable of producing the volume of work you need.

Ongoing running costs

The price of your architecture printer isn't the only cost you need to consider. Ongoing supplies and maintenance costs are just as important.


Does your printer do everything you need it to? You need to consider features such as print size, network capabilities, and ease of use.

Ongoing support

Having expert product support available is essential in case you run into technical difficulties. We provide after sales support for all our equipment.

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Case study: JCA Land Consultants

The problem:

JCA Land Consultants came to us because they needed a sophisticated scanning solution for wide format documents and plans.

The Solution:

After consulting about the needs of their business, we recommended the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF785MFP as an all-in-one printing and scanning solution.

The large format, multifunction printer is ideal for architecture businesses as it balances the needs of detail and accuracy with speed and efficiency.

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Edgard Pirrotta Architects
Latrobe Valley Drafting
Roberts Day Planning Design Place
"Tyson and his team are ace! I needed to purchase product we hadn't used before and not only did they deliver extremely fast but the stock was a really good price! Tyson knows his products, is happy to source whatever you need and above all he is quick to get back to you with samples and prices. Great service!"
Angela Sbisa
Sales Director, Tiger Corp

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