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The best wide format inks for your printer

We have wide format inks to suit all leading printers

Don't compromise on the quality of your prints. Whatever you use your printer for, and whichever brand it is, we have the right wide format ink to use with it.

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Choosing the best wide format inks for your business

Don't damage your printers.

Using only genuine inks will help to prevent damage to your printer. Wide format printers from industry leading brands have been carefully designed to work specifically with their particular inks.

We can help you understand which type of wide format ink to use with your printers.

Choose large ink tanks where possible.

When possible, it's best to choose large volume ink tanks. Larger ink tanks are more cost effective per millilitre, and you won't need to change them as frequently, improving efficiency for your production.

Make sure you have a reliable supply.

Make sure you always have more wide format ink on hand so you don't have to halt your production while you wait for more to arrive.

We provide fast delivery so you'll always have plenty of wide format ink when you need it.

“Just a quick note to say thank you for our recent transaction, I received two CYAN cartridges a couple of days ago. I know we don’t buy a lot from (Total Image Supplies), but I am a happy customer because buying from (them) is simple, easy and quick. It’s nice to get what you want without the hassle.”
David Duckworth
Print Shop - Department of Defence

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