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Frequently asked questions

Will this media work with my printer?

Tell us about your printer and the media you want to buy, and we can tell if it will work. We have extensive knowledge of wide format media and printers, so we're always happy to give you advice on which products will work with your printer.

Can I get the same price as last time?

In most cases, yes. Our standard list prices are always well maintained and rarely fluctuate. We also run a lot of promotions for bulk orders and other discounts which may be temporary.

Do you provide samples of your media?

Yes, wherever possible we're happy to provide free samples of our digital and wide format media. Get in touch with us for details.

How long will this media last outdoors?

Let us know which media you're planning to use and where it's going to be displayed and we can give you an estimate of how long it will last. We have an extensive range of media designed for both indoor and outdoor display, and we can recommend the best media for your application.

Will this media work for my application? What is the best media for my application?

Tell us a bit about your printer and your desired outcome, and we can tell if the media you want to use will work well, or we can recommend the best media for your application.

"I was introduced to Total Image Supplies in 2012 in a previous role. Until this day, I keep the company in mind as one of my key suppliers. Tyson and the team at Total Image Supplies, are knowledgeable in their wide range of printing supplies, particularly in the wide/large format printing area. They are also both dedicated in providing exceptional customer service, bending over backwards for their clients to ensure certain products required at very short notice will be delivered as promised, as well as offer alternative solutions that still keeps their clients 100% satisfied."
Katie Bui
Territorial Printer – The Salvation Army